Vol 8 (2017)

Keynotes and selected papers from the International Conference on Physics Education, ICPE-EPEC 2013 (Special Issue)

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Ke stažení a nebo ke čtení PDF (English)



Editorial PDF (English)
Leoš Dvořák

Keynote lectures

Using Physics to Help Students Develop Scientific Habits of Mind PDF (English)
Eugenia Etkina
Sport and Physics PDF (English)
Leopold Mathelitsch
Active Learning in the Heureka Project — Teachers in the Role of Students PDF (English)
Irena Dvořáková
Physware: A Collaborative Initiative for Strengthening Physics Education and Promoting Active Learning in the Developing World PDF (English)
Pratibha Jolly
Active Physics Learning: Making Possible Students’ Cognitive Growth, Positive Emotions and Amazing Creativity PDF (English)
Josip Sliško
Active Learning and Teacher Training: Lesson Study and Professional Learning Communities PDF (English)
Kyoko Ishii

Selected papers

Science Interval Project: We Can Teach and Learn Physics During the Leisure PDF (English)
Francisco Adeil Gomes de Araújo, Meirivâni Meneses de Oliveira, Eloneid Felipe Nobre
Investigating with Concept Cartoons: Practical suggestions for using concept cartoons to start student investigations in elementary school and beyond PDF (English)
Ed van den Berg, Patricia Kruit
Contextual Categorisation of Academics’ Conceptions of Teaching PDF (English)
Scott Daniel, Alex Mazzolini, Llewellyn Mann
Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of the Mental Models Deployed by Undergraduate Students in Explaining Thermally Activated Phenomena PDF (English)
Claudio Fazio, Onofrio Rosario Battaglia, Rosa Maria Sperandeo-Mineo
Student’s Video Production as Formative Assessment PDF (English)
Eduardo Gama, Marta F. Barroso
Development of Interest in Particle Physics as an Effect of School Events in an Authentic Setting PDF (English)
Kerstin Gedigk, Michael Kobel, Gesche Pospiech
Coding Scheme for Assessment of Students’ Explanations and Predictions PDF (English)
Mihael Gojkošek, Gorazd Planinšič, Josip Sliško
A Hands-on to Teach Colour Perception: The Colour Vision Tube PDF (English)
Claudia Haagen-Schützenhöfer
Increasing Physics Teacher Production by Replicating the UTeach Preparation Model and Awarding Noyce Scholarships PDF (English)
Gregory R. Hale, Ramon E. Lopez, Ann M. L. Cavallo, Erin E. Gonzales
Inquiry Based Science Education and Getting Immediate Students’ Feedback about Their Motivation PDF (English)
Martina Kekule, Vojtech Zak, Zuzana Jeskova, Katarina Kimakova, Maria Ganajova, Marian Kires
Exergy in School? PDF (English)
Tomaž Kranjc, Nada Razpet
Using Online Interactive Physics-based Video Analysis Exercises to Enhance Learning PDF (English)
Priscilla W. Laws, Robert B. Teese, David P. Jackson, Maxine C. Willis, Kathy Koenig
Effect of Collaborative Learning in Interactive Lecture Demonstrations (ILD) on Student Conceptual Understanding of Motion Graphs PDF (English)
Erees Queen B. Macabebe, Eleanor Alma D. Jugueta
Chaos at High School PDF (English)
Tamás Meszéna
Just How Deterring Are Formulas? PDF (English)
Alexander Strahl, Rainer Müller, Susan Hagendorf, Julian Grobe
Informal Teaching of Special Theory of Relativity PDF (English)
Jindřiška Svobodová, Jan Novotný, Jana Jurmanová
Embedding Formative Assessment and Promoting Active Learning PDF (English)
Elizabeth Swinbank, Mary Whitehouse, Robin Millar
Learn from History: Lessons from Early Modern Japanese Physics Experiment Textbooks PDF (English)
Hiroshi Takahashi, Akira Akabane, Jun Shozawa, Toyomi Tamaki
Transforming the Learning Environment of Undergraduate Physics Laboratories to Enhance Physics Inquiry Processes PDF (English)
Gregory P. Thomas, Al Meldrum, John Beamish
Sequential Reasoning in Electricity: Developing and Using a Three-Tier Multiple Choice Test PDF (English)
Hildegard Urban
Validating the Force Concept Inventory with Sub-Questions: Preliminary Results of the Second Year Survey PDF (English)
Jun-ichiro Yasuda, Masa-aki Taniguchi